Welcome to Year 6


As part of Prayer Week Class 6 discussed issues they would like to focus on and ask for help with. Then a group of children wrote the skeletal prayer before the whole class finished it off together. The class decided to write it in the style of a poem.

The children also wrote their own prayers which we linked together into the paper chain seen in the photographs. Some of the children also wrote a prayer and added it to our prayer tree.

Dear God,

We thank you for the strength you have given us this year, even though many have shed a tear.

All should be equal, no matter who they are, we shouldn’t feel we have to trap our identities in a jar.

 Please cure all in need and help those in poverty, those without food and those held in slavery.

 Having a choice is what matters, if we don’t have a choice our heart shatters.

 Fast fashion shows no passion when plastic is thrown away, please God prevent this from happening, for a better today.

 Time with loved ones makes us smile, even though sometimes we only have a while.

 Thank you for everything that we have, and guiding us through life like a sat-nav!


Hello Yellow Day

To mark World Mental Health Day Class 6 focused on the range of emotions and feelings we all experience. We compared our lives to a ride on a rollercoaster – full of ups and downs, twists and turns. We realise that, just like a ride on a rollercoaster, the downs do not last forever. We also discussed the phrase, “It’s okay not to feel okay,” to highlight that it is perfectly normal to feel a wide range of emotions at different times.

After a mindfulness breathing activity we spoke about this question;

​”What do you do if you want to feel happier or less worried?”

We drew pictures of things that help us and displayed them in our classroom. You can see some of our strategies in these photographs.