Welcome to Class 3


The fact that we were not able to invite parents to the church for Harvest Festival this year didn’t stop us celebrating this important time in school.

All week the children have been considering the importance of sharing God’s bounty with others.


Rev Barry shared a special message with us and we collected lots of  tinned and dried goods which we have donated to the Rainbow Centre food banks.

During Prayer Week, we developed our Prayer Corner by making it more interactive. The children have made stain glass windows to surround ‘God’s hands’, where they write and display their prayers.

We have also made ‘Prayer Buckets’, where the children can take their lolly stick and place it in either the ‘please help me’ or the ‘thank you’ bucket.

We have little hearts for the children to take home to help remind them to pray for their family and those they love.

The children also wanted to think about people who are suffering in other parts of the world. We decided to create a ‘Global Community’ prayer station that allows the children to think about people around the world that need help and support.

Each day we have two prayer monitors to lead our prayers and help to encourage the use of this area. The children are really enjoying it so far!