Welcome to Class 1

The children wrote this prayer together in class as part of our Prayer Week  on 17th  – 21st May.


Year 1 have enjoyed taking part in an ‘Infant Agility’ competition, a ‘School Games Pentathlon’. The children took part in 5 different events; a 40m run, a long jump, throwing a ball, aiming beanbags at targets and jumping over an obstacle. The children all approached their challenges with positivity and showed a great team spirit cheering their peers on. We have now sent our results off which will be compared to other schools and we will see if we have achieved any special awards for the children who have participated.


The fact that we were not able to invite parents to the church for Harvest Festival this year didn’t stop us celebrating this important time in school.

All week the children have been considering the importance of sharing God’s bounty with others.

Rev Barry shared a special message with us and we collected lots of  tinned and dried goods which we have donated to the Rainbow Centre food banks.


Class 1 made yellow colour monsters and attempted some calming yoga for Hello Yellow Day!

During Term 1, Class 1 have had a busy time investigating a mystery. We returned from P.E one day to find Ms Bailey’s porridge had been stolen and a huge mess had been made in our classroom. Luckily, we checked the CCTV and saw the thief; Goldilocks. We made wanted posters to help the police find her, and wrote questions for the police to ask her in her interview. We then created news reports to show the events that had happened, before designing our very own ‘Porridge Thief’ traps and writing our own sets of instructions to go with these. You can enjoy a taste of our hard work in our video. To celebrate, we enjoyed a film premier where we walked up a red carpet, and had a special popcorn treat whilst we watched ourselves on the big screen!