Saltwood Church of England Primary School

SaltwoodChurch of England Primary SchoolLove, Creativity and Strength

Class 1

We have all been bringing in donations of items to give homeless people for Christmas. We found out that the things they would most like are socks, gloves, torches or chocolates. We also made a card for someone who is homeless as one of our homework tasks. 

We have been busy elves and wrapped all these gifts ourselves! They will get delivered to Action For Homelessness. It is their Christmas dinner tomorrow so they can have one of our presents too.

 Class 1 Love Learning Outdoors

Mini shelter building

We focused on the values of resilience, communication and enquiry as we worked in small groups to create homes for special creatures. Our homes needed to be strong, waterproof and our creatures needed to be comfortable. We then tested how effective each home was.


 Stick Man

Having listened to the story, Stick Man, we decided to make our own stick people. We certainly required a lot of resilience for this challenge, as it was very tricky! However, we were really pleased with our finished creations!


 Perfume Making

We enjoyed exploring our surroundings using our sense of smell, collecting natural objects which we could mix together and create our very own perfumes. Each scent created was unique and we modified our creations as we went along, trying to find the best possible smell.



Treasure Hunt

Ms Bailey left a trail of clues which we needed to decipher in order to crack the code and find out where the treasure was hidden. This took a huge amount of resilience and fostered our communication skills.


Book Week

To celebrate Book Week, our class enjoyed walking to the wonderful children’s book shop ‘The Book Den’ in Hythe. We enjoyed story time with Harriet, and then spent our World Book Day tokens, and some of our own pocket money, on books of our choice. We loved the chance to browse and look at the great selection of books and the experience of being very grown up and paying for our own shopping!


Willesborough Windmill

The children had a great day finding out how windmills work. They even had a chance to see how flour is made! Click to enlarge the pictures.

Courageous Advocacy - Helping the Homeless

Class 1 have continued to think of ways to support the homeless and those less fortunate and decided to do some Easter baking for homeless people. All children made a chocolate cornflake nest and decorated with mini eggs. These were then delivered to Action On Homelessness, Folkestone who were very appreciative of the children's efforts and served the cakes alongside dinner on what was a freezing cold April day.


Term 4 Music - Singing and Playing!

We have been learning how to accompany our singing on the xylophone this term.