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Our Christian Vision

Our Christian Vision - what are we doing here?

We are a church school and this means we exist as part of the Church of England to help our children develop a sense of what it means to be a Christian. Our values are informed by the teachings of Jesus, but we warmly welcome children and families of all faiths and none.

 At Saltwood, we have chosen the Biblical passage Luke 5: 18-20 to embody our vision for our children: 

We hear how some men carried their paralysed friend to be healed by Jesus. Because of the crowd they could find no way into the house where he was. So they carried him up to the roof, made an opening in the tiles, and let him down on his bed in to the middle of the group in front of Jesus. Jesus, seeing how much faith they had, healed the man and sent him home.

 In this story we can see how the men showed love for their friend by taking him to Jesus, they showed creativity in finding a way to get through the crowd and strength in working together to place him in front of Jesus.



We want our children to be like the men who carried the paralysed man. They had an unshakeable belief that, by taking action, they could help their friend. We want our children to flourish, so they grow into adults who feel a responsibility to look after other people and the world, fully equipped with the self-belief to try.

We use the Christian values of Love, Creativity and Strength to further illustrate this Vision. These Christian values are inherent in everything we do. Across our whole curriculum, and in the extra-curricular offer we make, we plan activities and experiences for the children that help them to grow in their spirituality by developing these values year after year