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School Council

What did we do in 2023-24?

Our new school council met on 20th November to talk about ideas the children had from each class. Mr Thomas made lots of notes and will talk about them with Mr Newton and the staff. The Courageous Advocacy projects agreed in each class so far are:

Year R Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Helping Save the Children Helping bees and other pollinators Planting Trees Still deciding Saving energy Working with the RSPB Recycling electrical items


Minutes of our meeting on 20th November 2023

Minutes of our meeting on 16th January 2024



What did we do in 2022-23?


Our School Council meet on a regular basis and our focus this year is on how we can help everyone follow our Golden Rule. 

Minutes of our meeting on 29th September 2022

Minutes of our meeting on 3rd November 2022

Minutes of our meeting on 17th November 2022 - Updates on class Courageous Advocacy Projects

Minutes of our meeting on 3rd March 2023 - More Updates on Courageous Advocacy Projects and Comic Relief

Minutes of our meeting on 20th April 2023 - Plans for our Coronation celebrations


What did we do in 2021-22?


 Read our School Council Action Plan for 2021-22 

We planned an assembly during Anti-Bullying week - One Kind Word!

We wrote the script for the assembly ourselves

We told our teachers how children like to learn - to help everyone feel better in lessons!

We set up a playground buddy system for people who need someone to play with

We helped to organise our Platinum Jubilee celebrations