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Class R Recycling Poster Competition


We are running a poster competition as part of our Courageous Advocacy project helping children put our Christian Values into action! If you would like to enter, you need to design an eye catching poster to promote our recycling programme.

Your poster needs to contain the following information:

What can I recycle at Saltwood School?

Cheese wrapping (includes netting from cheese minis, wrappers from blocks and hard plastic from sliced cheese).

Batteries, Confectionary (chocolate wrappers) this includes large bags and individual bar wrappers and aluminium cans. 

Where can I find the recycling station?

In the foyer of the school. There is an aluminium can bin in the school car park. 

Why should I recycle at Saltwood School?

As well as helping the environment, we are collecting points, which can then be exchanged for a donation to charity. It helps us (Class R) to learn about recycling and we will help our teachers in wrapping and sending off the parcels.


It needs to be eye-catching as it will be published in the Saltwood parish magazine. We are also hoping to put it up around the village. Class R will judge all entries and you need to have your posters to us by 1st February. They can be done on the computer or by hand. There is a special prize for the winner!