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Class 5

Anglo Saxons

As part of our Anglo Saxons unit, we have been re-enacting the deal between King Vortigern and the first Angle & Saxon tribe leaders. This deal resulted in Kent being given in return for the tribe leader’s daughter…. But it did not end there. The Angles, Saxons & Jutes wanted more land… and there was only one way to take it! This is how England got its name… It was once “Angle Land”.


Courageous Advocacy in Year 5


courageous advocacy year 5 april 2022.pdf

Rivers and Coasts

Year 5 have started their new Geography topic – Rivers & Coasts! We began with the language of the coastline, and new vocabulary such as Spit, Stump and Stack! To help make our learning memorable we developed our language into a miniature coastline model. What features of a coastline can you spot!