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Class 4

Roman Museum in our Classroom!

Over the last month, we have each carried out independent research into an area of Roman life that we are interested. This past week, we have each stood at the front of the class to show our projects – this was either a poster, replica artefacts, a PowerPoint or a mix of these. We talked about our findings and answered questions on our areas of expertise. We all learnt from these and took notes.

As we could not invite parents into our ‘museum’, we decided to hold our very own, personal museum, where we could look more closely at each other’s’ projects.


Roman Museum 2021


Michele Sheldon - Author Visit

Today Year 4 were very lucky to have author, Michele Sheldon, come to visit to talk about her experiences in the Amazon Rainforest and to read excerpts from her book, The Mystery of the Missing Fur

Michele shared photos and stories from her trips to the Amazon area, including: visiting gold mines, where huge expanses of the rainforest had been destroyed; encountering cheeky monkeys stealing cameras; the frightening realisation that she was standing on a huge, slithering snake whilst walking through the forest; and boat trips, where the aim was to fish for piranhas. She then answered many questions from the children, bringing to life all we have learnt in our geography and literacy units

We were then treated to hearing Michele read a chapter of her book, which told of the exciting encounter between the main character and a rich trophy hunter. She talked about wanting to raise awareness in her book about the dangers facing animals in areas such as the Amazon and how stories were not only fun and exciting – but can help educate people and makes changes to the world around us

Book Week - Bookshop Visit


Book Week - KIC Theatre


Book Week - Book Sleeves


Book Week - Reading with Year R


Courageous Advocacy - Our Kindness Project


World War 2 - Evacuation Day!

Thomas has designed this excellent poster to explain what happened when Class 4 were 'evacuated' to the countryside!