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Class 4

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Roman Day

This week, Year 4 spent a wonderful day at Kent Life learning about Celts and Romans. Some of our most memorable moments were ‘meeting’ Boudicca and a druid, making leather amulets and writing graffiti in Latin!



Roman Museum – the event

Over the course of the term, Class 4 have been working hard to create our very own ‘Roman Museum’. Each child chose an area of Roman life to research and were challenged to create an interesting way to present their findings and/or create an artefact for our museum. Children chose a range of topics, from Roman art and pottery, to army and weapons, to food and games.

Today was the day we invited friends and family to our museum. When the adults came in, pupils had to talk about their projects, explaining the research undertaken, how they created the artefacts and answered questions. Every child was an expert in their field, talking with confidence and knowledge about their area of research and their artefacts.  Every visitor to the museum was impressed by the projects and the creativity shown.