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Class 2

Look at what class 2 got up to last year!


Class Debates

We have been developing our debating skills over a number of hot topics this year!




Trip to Saltwood Castle

Class 2 had a lovely morning visiting Saltwood Castle as part of their history topic. Using Saltwood Castle as a focus point, Class 2 have been learning all about medieval castles – who lived in them and why as well as key features and different types of castles. The class were very grateful to be invited to take the short stroll down the road to see the castle. They spent the morning doing field work: Sketching the main keep; walking along the outer wall spotting important castle features along the way and even exploring the castle’s catacombs and library and discussing how these rooms would have been used in medieval times. Once all their work was finished, the Class were even allowed to have some playtime inside the castle walls!

Class 2’s pupils and staff would like to once again say a massive thank you to our adult helpers on the day as well as Mrs Clark and her family for making us feel so welcome at their home and giving the children a day that will live long in the memory! 


Science Investigation