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Class 6

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Courageous Advocacy

After having read Lost! by Ele Fountain, Class 6 were inspired to try and do something to help the street children of Kolkata. 

They have made contact with a Kent based charity called Khushi Feet and have launched an ambition fund raising programme across the school! Read the project launch announcement in our News section!



Year 6 RE Visitor

Last week Year 6 welcomed Jennifa into their class so they could hear first-hand what life is like for a Muslim living in Britain today. This was their RE topic last term and it was an excellent opportunity for the children to hear about Jennifa’s life, including her recent pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. The children were shown some different artefacts, including a prayer mat, some prayer beads and the books that Jennifa used to learn Arabic.

She explained the washing process (wudu) involved in preparing to pray, and the process of praying five times a day. She pointed out that even though the prayer mat looked immaculate, each mat has a slight imperfection. This is to represent that nothing, except Allah, is perfect. Jennifa declined a cup of tea upon her arrival as she was fasting. She explained that there is much more to the act of fasting than going without food or drink; you also need to refrain from getting angry or raising your voice and you need to go out of your way to treat others with kindness. She explained that this is particularly tough when you are hungry or thirsty, but that it takes will power and you learn about yourself as a result.

The children asked some thoughtful questions and Jennifa was happy to answer them. The experience was really beneficial for the children and opened a few of their eyes to the daily life of Muslims who live within our local community.



Courageous Advocacy Project Update

Class 6 have worked brilliantly to raise money for the Khushi Feet charity.  They held a cake sale, sold Khushi themed comics and badges (designed and created by Esmé and Louis) and ran a “Guess the number of sweets in a jar” stall.  In total Year 6 raised a little over £400! This is amazing.  

Year 6 want to say a huge Thank You to everyone who supported them and for the generosity shown by so many people.  Well done Year 6 – everyone here at Saltwood is really proud of you. 


Some of our Year R children were so taken by our project they chose to draw these images during their child-initiated time. Aren’t they brilliant!