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Class 4

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In Class 4, we have started the year thinking about some of the things that really perplex us. Here are a few of our thoughts. We wonder what you think about our wonderings? 


‘I wonder why flowers are different colours and shapes’ 

‘If a person is born deaf, I wonder what language they think in’ 

‘I wonder if we all see colours in the same way’ 

‘I wonder how the Earth floats in space’ 

‘I wonder if space ever ends’ 

‘If Earth is spinning, I wonder why we cannot feel it.’ 

‘I wonder about who made colours’ 



Roman Day

History came to life this week, as Class 4 immersed themselves in all things Roman in our trip to Kent Life. We found out about the Celts, their lifestyles, religion and what they thought about the Romans. We met Boudicca, who told us about her problems with the Romans and prepared us for Celtic battle.  We became Roman soldiers, listening to instructions from a 'real' Centurion, who taught us how to fight with swords, hold our shields and create different battle formations. We found out about how food changed when the Romans occupied Britain, we learnt about different Roman technologies and made amulets to keep our loved one safe. A very fun day, learning more deeply about our current history topic.