Saltwood Church of England Primary School

To provide a community that cherishes childhood equally for all children.  Ensuring that the love and support of friends, teachers and God gives children strength to achieve their full potential. Nurturing the creativity in each child, enabling them to put Christian values into action for positive change.


Grange Road, Saltwood, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4QS | Telephone: 01303 266058 | Fax: 01303 264899

Welcome to Saltwood Church of England Primary School

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Starting School in September 2022?

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The Federation of Bodsham and Saltwood Church of England Primary Schools is a well-established collaboration between two high performing schools with shared Christian values.

As the Executive Head Teacher I would like to welcome you to our community and invite you to explore the website which I hope will give you an impression of the caring ethos with which we seek to educate the children at both of our schools

Saltwood Church of England Primary School was awarded an Outstanding grade by Ofsted in 2007 and has remained so ever since. The school consistently achieves results above national averages as a result of high standards of teaching, positive attitudes to learning and excellent behaviour from our children.

The school sits at the centre of the village of Saltwood, just outside of Hythe. We have close links with St Peter and St Paul Church nearby and the children have regular opportunities to worship there.

I believe time spent in primary school sets the foundations upon which all future learning is built. We aim to provide a nurturing and creative community, where all can achieve their full potential within a Christian environment, in readiness for life as a Global citize

I look forward to welcoming  you.

Mr Paul Newton

Executive Headteacher


Mr Newton

Our Christian Vision

Our Christian Values are those of Love, Creativity and Strength.

We encourage our children to believe that they can help to make the world a better place, as shown in Luke 5: 17-27:

We hear how some men carried their paralysed friend to be healed by Jesus. Because of the crowd they could find no way into the house where he was. So they carried him up to the roof, made an opening in the tiles, and let him down on his bed in to the middle of the group in front of Jesus. Jesus, seeing how much faith they had, healed the man and sent him home. In this story we can see our school values brought to life through action. The men showed love for their friend by taking him to Jesus, they showed creativity in finding a way to get through the crowd and strength in working together to place him in front of Jesus. We help our children to become strong and confident learners, who believe in themselves and develop the skills they need to make a positive difference in the world.

How then do we live?

Our Christian Values of Love, Creativity and Strength inform our curriculum which in turn aims to develop children’s independence, self-expression, resilience, communication skills, creativity, self-belief, enquiry skills and understanding of diversity.


The Children

“When our Federation was searching for a new Executive Head Teacher, we asked the children to talk about their school. This is what they said!”

Our Track Record


Established in 1723 the present school was opened in 1968 and in 1999 and 2006 underwent further development. The staff and governors of the school are committed to providing all pupils with a secure and caring environment in which they develop lively and enquiring minds, confidence and skills.

Our outstanding track record is exemplified in consistently good and better attainment for all children.  In July 2007 we gained an Outstanding Ofsted report and in July 2012 an Outstanding Section 48 report (our Church School inspection).