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Autumn 2019 Newsletter

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Amazing Fashion Show

As part of their learning in Literacy Class 6 did some persuasive writing.

In addition to writing persuasive letters, they worked hard in groups to design and create the Ultimate Alternative School Uniform. This gave the children a perfect opportunity to hone their communication skills whilst allowing their creativity and self-expression to run wild! They also wrote detailed style commentaries to persuade an audience (made up of their parents, grandparents and carers) to choose their design.

Their efforts culminated in a fashion show extravaganza during which the children modelled their alternative school uniform; read aloud their style commentaries; took photographs or interviewed the audience (asking for their thoughts and comments) which were then used in newspaper reports the following week.

The event was a huge success and our fashionistas wowed the audience with their confidence, self-belief and creativity, as these photographs show!