Welcome to Class 5


In Year 5, we continue our journey of learning about ourselves and others by embracing our school’s values – especially creativity. In Year 5, there is an increased level of responsibility: not just for ourselves and our learning in the classroom but others in the school by doing whole school jobs.

We like to take on challenges, which we can learn from, and in year 5 there are plenty of opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Spring 2020 Newsletter


Please read on for a selection of our favourites…………………………


Class 5 have been reading Beowulf and creating more adventures and new beasts for him to defeat.

Have a look at this animation we created with Lydia from Young Animators, who we have been lucky enough to work with recently.

Courageous Advocacy – How can we make a difference for our planet?

Many children in class 5 noticed the climate emergency and wanted to make a difference. We found out that climate change is being caused by greenhouse gasses e.g. carbon which block heat escaping from the atmosphere.

We were inspired by words from the Bible and decided we wanted to make a difference.

We each planted a tree in school and many of us will take our tree to a new home in the community

We visited Canterbury Cathedral to learn about how it was founded and built during the Anglo Saxon era by St Augustine and how the Vikings kidnapped a Saxon Archbishop Alpheage. We looked at Saxon artefact which proved historians ideas and learned how at the start of the Saxon era, Anglo Saxons believed in many God’s but by the end they were nearly all Christian. We learned how the monks lived and told stories about Jesus using pictures and symbols. We experienced this by going on a Saxon costume trail and completing a range of practical activities