In Year 4 we focus heavily on the self-esteem of the children, building their learning resilience and their self-belief. By adopting the philosophy of “mistakes will happen” the classroom adults pride themselves on creating a culture of respect, where everyone’s view matters, everyone has a voice, and mutual support and encouragement between peers is the norm. It is a culture where people are free to fail and need not fear it – for therein lie the seeds of self-improvement and true learning.  In addition to this core philosophy, we also like to follow the idea of “Don’t just learn it – live it!” using hands-on learning and historical re-enactments wherever possible. We have already had our Roman beach invasion battle! Look out for our upcoming World War II Evacuee Experience!

Autumn Newsletter 2019

We are blessed at Saltwood with a fantastic outside space which we use to the full.  Here are a selection of some of our recent uses – exploring life as a Celt (prior to the Roman invasion!), investigating sound in Science, playing our “New Line New Speaker” literacy game, collecting colours for our natural pallete in RE… and so much more!