Welcome to Class 2


Our class is full of fun and laughter which enables us to feel confident and have the eagerness to learn and develop as individuals. The classroom is a safe and nurturing environment where we are encouraged to take risks and challenge ourselves.

Our class ethos is,    “As long as we try our hardest it is ok to get things wrong… we learn from our mistakes.”

We are encouraged to learn through our own interests at home and in class we have been able to learn about space and the great fire of London, which we all found very interesting and even went home and told our grown ups all that we had learned.

We also have the opportunity to take our learning outside through trips and using our own outdoor space at school.  We have the opportunity to share our own interests which we use to deepen our enquiry skills throughout the curriculum.

Autumn Newsletter 2019


The Great Fire of London  

In our topic lessons we have been learning about The Great Fire of London.  We learnt where the fire started and many more interesting facts.  In Art we created some amazing work depicting the burning buildings and in our assembly we were able to share our knowledge with the whole school.  We also learned how to play London’s Burning on our ocarinas.


In music we are learning to play the Ocarinas.  Have a listen to our wonderful unique rendition of London’s Burning!