Welcome to Class 1


In Year One every day is an adventure. We are fortunate as the children are so lively and enquiring that much of our learning is child-initiated. The children are making great progress and we are generally very happy.

We enjoy learning and working together as a team, we learn from and support each other, both inside and outside the classroom. We have been working hard with our reading, maths and english and we have produced some incredible art work too. We love exercise in Year One and like to get outside most weeks, weather permitting, to learn new skills.  We are super singers too


Autumn Newsletter 2019

Not only have we been working hard in the classroom but we have managed to have a trip out already. In November the class went to Canterbury Cathedral. A fabulous event. The children were able to dress up in different costumes and we had a guide who explained all about stained glass windows.  We then had a go at making some ourselves.  We came back inspired to produce some lovely artwork.  Thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to come along and help. The children had a truly ‘Awe and Wonder day!



We used the Beebots to learn directional language in Maths.

The children programmed the beebots to reach a country of their choice.

We chose lots of different countries and we didn’t get lost either!




This term we are learning Gymnastics from our Elite Specialists.  We are concentrating on travelling along a bench with a focus on landing. Take a look at our video and see how skilled we are………….


The Great Gardening Project 2019!

First we had to clear the beds – they were full of weeds!

We planted 7 different vegetables – Runner beans, potatoes, parsnips, a pumpkin, courgettes, chard and beetroot (the slugs have eaten most of those)

We water regularly and have measured how far the beans have “run” along the canes.  We took some extra compost from the compost heap too.

We shall update you on the progress of our project in the next few weeks!


We visited the Saltwood Care Home in May. We all walked down Tanners Hill and arrived with due excitement!

We sang many songs which the residents appreciated. The favourites were “She’ll be coming round the mountain” and “Supercalafragilisticexpealidocious”

We even played musical instruments and Mrs Rock played her drum for us to clap all the rhythms.

When we got home we all wrote to the home thanking them for their hospitality and especially the drink and biscuits!

Then at playtime Mrs Rock took some of us to post our letters from the post box on the Village Green.

For our pilgrimage day we thought about all the Christian values we could take along with us. We drew our value logo onto a stone to take on our pilgrimage.  We also decorated a heart – as love covers everything.