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3rd Staff Training Day
4th Staff Training Day
7th Term 3 – Pupils return to School
25th Year 2 assembly
1st Year 1 assembly
5th Drop in zone
11th PiRA week
18th – 22nd Half term
4th – 8th Book Week
7th World Book Day
8th YR assembly
15th Learning Journeys home
19th KiC Theatre

Parents’ evening 4-7

20th KiC Theatre
21st Parents evening 5-8
5th Easter – Church service

End of term

23th Term begins
29th Spelling ages week
3rd Y3 assembly
6th Bank holiday
13th KS2 SATs week
15th Y5 CATs
17th Y4 assembly
21st 3.30 PESE information meeting for parents
22nd Drop in Zone
24th PESE meetings
27th – 31st Half term
3rd Parent PESE meetings
7th Church – Pentecost Celebration Day
18th Sports Day
25th Sports Day reserve
Y1 Phonics screening week
Summer Fete
Y5 growing up talks
2nd YR Autumn visit
3rd YR Spring visit
5th YR Summer visit
8th YR Home visits week

Y6 Show walk-through

9th Y6 Show
12th House Charity Day

Reports home

16th Drop in zone
Class handover discussions / Pupil progress meetings
Class handover discussions / Pupil progress meetings
17th New YR story time
Class swaps
Talent show
19th Church – Leavers’ service

Term ends

22nd Training day
23rd Training day